Stewart Wilson

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This is the personal page for Stewart G Wilson, a soil and geospatial scientist working in the California Soil Resources Lab.  My research interests are varied and include pedology, predictive soil mapping, geospatial science, phosphorus biogeochemistry, sustainable soil fertility and viticulture.  Currently, my work involves predictive mapping of soil phosphorus in California vineyard soils from limited point data and raster stacks of environmental covariates using machine learning. I'm also investigating the roll climate and lithology play in P biogeochemistry. Previous work has included investigations of soil mineralogy and pedogenesis, sustainable soil fertility in vineyards, soil health, and microbial P cycling. A current CV can be found here.Stewart G Wilson_Curriculum Vitae_2017.docx


Wilson, S. G., Lambert, J. J., & Dahlgren, R. A. (2016). Seasonal Phosphorus Dynamics in a Volcanic Soil of Northern California. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 80(5), 1222-1230.

Wilson, S. G., Lambert, J. J., Nanzyo, M., & Dahlgren, R. A. (2017). Soil genesis and mineralogy across a volcanic lithosequence. Geoderma, 285, 301-312.