PostGIS: Spatially enabled Relational Database Sytem

PostGIS is a set of extensions to the relational database management system PostgreSQL, which provide access to spatial constructs, operators, and functions. In other words, PostGIS is a spatially-aware version of Postgresql. Paul Ramsey of Refractions Research has written up a nice summary of how were are using PostGIS.

Tuning Tips:

  1. Adjust kernel resources to allow larger memory allocation: (documentation)
  2. Increase the shared_buffers to a larger number (16000)
  3. See attached PDF at the bottom of this page for excellent ideas from Kevin Neufeld

PostGIS Syntax Examples:

  1. PostGIS Spatial SQL cheat-sheet
  2. Official Documentation
  3. PostGIS Wiki

PostGIS Presentations:

  1. Spatial Analysis with PostGIS presentation at PGCon2009 (Leo Hsu and Regina Obe)
  2. Tips for the PostGIS Power User (Kevin Neufeld, Refractions Research)
  3. PostGIS Spatial Database: Introduction and Case Studies (Paul Ramsey)
  4. Transitioning Low Earth Orbit Satellite Archive Data from Informix (Geodetic DataBlade) to PostgreSQL (PostGIS) (Churngwei Chu, NASA/SSAI)
  5. Intro to PostgreSQL/PostGIS and MapServer (Arnulf Christ)