Generic GRASS-GMT Plotting System

A generic press-quality plotting systemfor GRASS, based on GMT. Still a ways to go.


  • Export of raster data to GMT grid via GDAL is not well supported when the source raster contains nodata values.
  • Exporting raster data with a combination of r.out.bin [...] | xyz2grd [...] is problematic when there are several rasters to export and they are of different resolutions, especially when changing the region resolution results in a non-integer cell size (xyz2grd fails).
  • A more unified approach to this would drop sh hack altogether, and use the existing GRASS python bindings, along with the emerging GMT python bindings.
  • Exporting thematic vector data is still problematic, however the new support for the GMT vector file format may improve the situation
  • Exporting paletted raster data is complicated by the need for a CPT file, not sure if it is possible to convert the GRASS color rules file into one.
  • Calculation of page layout measurements and rounding of numbers cannot be done with bash. See attached perl script.

 Code Example:
see attached file