Islands of Fertility: Oak Tree vs. Buckwheat Savannah Soils

Between Sandy Creek and Chalone Creek, waypoints ending in -P006 through -P009.

Samples collected under Live Oak (SSGG-spring-05-P006, SSGG-spring-05-P009) correspond to the soil described at pit S04CA069007K (Corralitos). Samples collected under Buckwheat (SSGG-spring-05-P007, SSGG-spring-05-P008) correspond to the soil described at pit S04CA069004K (Toags). Bulk density data were collected via ring method at all 4 locations. Compliant-cavity method data were taken at pits P006 and P007.

Islands of Fertility: Sample Sites: Sample sites for islands of fertility project. Pits were described and sampled by the Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group, Feb. 2005.

Total C and N Under Oak vs. Buckwheat

Islands of Fertility: Differences in Bulk Density: Variation in Db as a function of cover type and major horizon designation.

Analysis in R