UC Davis Soil Resource Laboratory

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Welcome to the UC Davis Soil Resource Laboratory. Our research covers many aspects of soil science including:

  • Soil genesis and morphology
  • Water quality and constructed wetlands
  • Colaboration with NRCS and NPS staff
  • Soil-landform relationships and modeling
  • Watershed-scale soil survey studies
  • Soil science educational material
  • Soil survey related outreach, including one of the first online soil surveys

For more information about the people in our lab, please click on the "People" link at the top of the page.The content on this website is frequently updated. Please utilize our RSS feeds to stay informed of progress. Here is a list of RSS aggregator software packages.

SSURGO Map UnitsSSURGO Map Units

We are currently re-organizing some content. If you are looking for our Online Soil Survey links, they have been moved here.