GEOSTAT 2011 -- Canberra

Submitted by dylan on Mon, 2011-04-18 20:41.

Just got back from the 2011 GEOSTAT summer school that recently took place in Canberra, Australia. Thanks to Tom Hengl for the invitation to co-teach the course, to the great folks at ANU who made it possible, and to all of the students who participated. Most of the material from the class is available on the course website, including slides, R scripts, and other related demos. I have re-packaged some of my material on basic space/time analysis in R, and attached it to the bottom of this page. The self-contained demo includes in-line comments that closely follow the narrative from day 2 of the course. At some point I'll convert these examples into a proper web page... Enjoy!

GEOSTAT2011AU_day_2.zip638.43 KB
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