Tips for Using our Google Earth Interface to SoilWeb

Submitted by dylan on Mon, 2011-02-28 23:40.

GE SoilWeb DemoGE SoilWeb Demo

The folks in Lincoln recently changed the links to the OSDs from http:// to https:// style URLs... which seems to cause problems for new versions of Google Earth. I have noticed that when clicking on soil profile sketches an error is returned (something about an SSL handshake problem). This can be fixed by asking Google Earth to use an external browser for displaying data. Here are some instructions:

Deactivating the Internal Browser
If you would like to turn off the internal browser, you can do so by going into Google Earth -- Preferences -- General on a Mac, or Tools -- Options and looking in the Display section on a PC. Select the check box that says 'show web results in external browser'. All web content from within Google Earth will now open in your default external browser.