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Submitted by dylan on Mon, 2010-01-18 04:19.

Soil Profiles in ColorSoil Profiles in Color

Added color support to the mini-profiles used in graphical map unit summaries, the Google Earth interface, and iPhone application. SSURGO doesn't contain soil color data, so colors (in Munsell notation) were extracted from the OSD database, and converted into RGB triplets. Using horizon information from the OSD database also results in much more realistic horizonation, as compared to what is stored in older SSURGO databases. Example of the Yolo series soil, from the Yolo County (1972) soil survey:


OpenSource ? technologies ?

Hi Dylan,
We work on similar web applications on our soil databases. We have an old application (2002) here (mapserver - postgis - perl), and we have developped a more fashion one (openlayers - mapserver - postgis - php), still not online.

In our old one, we developped a STU automated schematic representation like this.
But this code is now obsolete and we would like to avoid spend more time to obtain similar schemas. Is it possible to study the possibility to use your application to produce thoses schematic representations ?

Thanks for your response.



Hi Lionel,

Those are some very interesting links. I especially like the presentation of the variability in horizon thickness and depth boundaries. Since you are using PHP, our approach may be directly implemented within your system. I'll need to check, but we may be able to release the underlying code (libsoil) at some point. Contact me via email, and we can work out the details.