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Submitted by vbullard on Thu, 2009-06-11 16:58.

Soil WebSoil Web

Published hardcopies of soil surveys exist for most of the State, but are now out of print and not easily accessible to the public. High costs and complexity of commercial GIS software can limit the average person’s ability to access digital soil survey information. We developed a web-based soil survey browser to enhance the accessibility of soils information for the public. The online soil survey is a seamless interactive soils map of California using general soil survey data State Soil Geographic Database (STATSGO, 1:250,000 scale) and high resolution data Soil Survey Geographic Database (SSURGO 1:24,000 scale). Contextual geographic information such as 7.5 minute quadrangle borders, aerial photography, LANDSAT, urban areas, highways, General geology and hydrography are also incorporated. A dynamic legend and context map aid users in map interpretation. Soil maps can be exported to Google Earth for 3-D visualization (Beaudette & O’Geen).

Soil Web ExampleSoil Web Example

Soil map units can be queried with a mouse click, taking the user to a hierarchal summary of map units and soil components. At the map unit level, selected attribute data are summarized in tabular format. At the component level, selected attribute data is presented in tables and figures along with a diagram of a representative soil profile. Many concepts such as soil series, taxonomic information, or terminology specific to soil survey interpretations are linked to NRCS pages that contain detailed descriptions of terms. The

integrated linkage to outside information makes the online soil survey a useful tool for general soils education as well. Similar products are being developed for National Park Visitor Centers such as Pinnacles National Monument and Lassen volcanic National Park.

Online soil survey exported to Google EarthOnline soil survey exported to Google Earth