AQP 0.9-9 is ready: 1.0 should be out by 2012-01-01 !

Submitted by dylan on Thu, 2011-12-22 19:33.

Version 1.0 of AQP is nearly ready-- after nearly 3 years of development, 2 years on R-Forge, and 1+ year on CRAN. Just pushed version 0.9-9 to R-Forge, and it should be on CRAN within a couple days. Recent changes are listed below, clipped from the NEWS file.

AQP Demo: Soils Summarized by Bedrock KindAQP Demo: Soils Summarized by Bedrock Kind

-------------------------- aqp 0.99-9 (2011-12-22) --------------------------
* almost ready for AQP 1.0, vignettes are the last missing piece :)
* slice(SPC, ...) is now 10-100x faster, scales linearly
* slice(SPC, ...) can simultaniously slice categorical and continuous variables
* converted ID column in sample data to character class
* fixed a bug in slice() where NA would be returned when IDs were factors
* added test to depths()<- such that factor IDs are converted into character IDs and a warning is issued
* added join conditions for most functions using plyr::join(), resulting in less chatter on the console 

-------------------------- aqp 0.99-8.58 (2011-12-21) --------------------------
* WARNING: soil.slot.multiple() renamed to slab()
* fixed minor bug in slice(), when numerical IDs are used: ddply() and cast() implicitly re-order data...
* added `strict` argument to many functions, to gracefully account for bad horizon data
  - enforce quality control with strict=TRUE
* munsell2rgb() is now 100x faster thanks to plyr::join()
  - note that factors cannot be used in the conversion, see:
    + there is a check and conversion within the function that should prevent segfaults
* documentation updates, demo(aqp) updates, more examples
* bug fix in slice(), now works with numeric OR categorical vars, but NOT both...
* matrix-style subsetting functional:
  - s[i, j] ---> i is the profile index, and j is the horizon/slice index
  - s[i, ] returns a SoilProfileCollection
  - s[, j] returns a SpatialPointsDataFrame when a single slice is used
* spatial_subset() can be used to extract members of a SoilProfileCollection with a geometry (uses rgeos)
* smarter $<- methods so that site/horizon data slots are auto-selected

-------------------------- aqp 0.99-8.50 (2011-11-29) --------------------------
* added "site(SoilProfileCollection) <-" method for data.frame
* started VERY basic AQP Introduction vignette... still experimental
* adding coercion methods for common objects and sp-class objects
* matrix-style subsetting almost works:
  - s[i, j] ---> i is the profile index, and j is the horizon/slice index
* added a 'slice' method for SoilProfileCollection objects
  - returns selected variables along depth slice(s) (i.e. no aggregation)
* added NAMESPACE file for R >= 2.14 compatibility
* stabilized S4 class, working on S4-izing all related functions
* preliminary documentation on the new S4 classes/methods
* logistic power peak (LPP) can now be used to generate synthetic depth functions
* added contributing fraction annotation in panel.depth_function()

-------------------------- aqp 0.99-8.4 (2011-10-04) --------------------------
* minor bug fixes and enhancements in PedonPC function
* S4 interface to soil.slot.multiple()

-------------------------- aqp 0.99-8.2 (2011-09-21) --------------------------
* added S4 class/methods for `SoilProfileCollection`
  - this supercedes the (now removed) S3 `SoilProfileList` classes
  - basic accessors/settors are in place, subject to change
* profile_plot() now uses the `SoilProfileCollection` class
! initSoilProfileList() is no longer supported; see depths() for similar functionality
! expect some tumultous times ahead in the API... should be ironed out by 1.0 release